5 Tips To Soothe A Crying Baby -

5 Tips To Soothe A Crying Baby

5 Tips To Soothe A Crying Baby

1 – Dummy – Try giving your baby a dummy, on occasions your crying baby will suck on the dummy, tiring them out and eventually falling asleep. If this does not work and the baby is refusing the dummy move on to our next step.

2 – Hold the baby in your arms and rock back and forth gently, some babies like the rocking motion . It may help to walk whilst you are doing this, rather than being seated. If you find your baby likes this, think of investing in a baby carrier ( trust me this will make your life easier)

3 – Soothing sounds. On your phone or the TV search for hair dryer, white noise sounds. We have tried this many times , and they seem to work. Remember it may not do wonders all the time.

4 – Hungry baby? Your baby might still be wanting more milk. Wash your hands put your knuckle towards your babies mouth , if he/she latches on try making some milk, and see if the baby will take some.

5 – If everything else fails and you are in desperate need to get your baby to calm down, go for a drive. Take the baby in the car and go for a cruise , most babies love the car motion and fall asleep.

Tried everything still not working!? Do not worry, try combining some of the steps together, and most of all stay calm.

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