Is Having 2 Small Kids Hard?

Is Having 2 Small Kids Hard? -

Is Having 2 Small Kids Hard?

Is having 2 small kids hard?

October 2015 we gave birth to our first forward to June 2017 we welcomed baby boy number 2.. yup that’s correct 2 kids 2 and under.. as the saying goes boys cause more trouble than girls, we were just about to find out.

We found we were busy enough with one child , thinking about the second was giving us some anxiety mixed with excitement. “How could we cope with 2?” is what we would say. Let the truth be told, even though there was a small gap between the kids , it took time to adjust, going back to the 2 hourly feeds, and the long sleepless nights all over again. You would think we would be accustomed to it , considering our first child was only 20 months old.

Everyone beforehand would tell us how it would be all good and we would cope just fine. Looking back at it now they were right. I guess humans have this extra ordinary ability to adjust. Sure, we are running around the kids all day. Cleaning up behind them, feeding them , listening to tantrums at least 5 times a day, but you know what? When your kids learn a new word , or take their first steps, or come and give you a big hug, then all the small hassles are instantly worth it. Might sound cliché but would not change it for the world.

For the people reading this who may be finding themselves in a similar situation, do not worry about it. In-fact enjoy it , embrace it. You will manage to adjust, not just adjust but thrive.

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