Packing your hospital bags – Before labour.

Packing your hospital bags – Before labour. -

Packing your hospital bags – Before labour.

Packing your hospital bags!

After having 3 children and different experiences of labour with each. I had 1 planned caesarean section and 2 normal births. I felt I was most prepared for baby number 3 as I was more organised with what I needed

Here I have made a list of things what you will need in your hospital bag as well as the baby bag.



  • comfy clothes for labouring in .. I just had a black pyjama top which was baggy and super comfy

  • some people mentioned how using gas and air would dry out there lips so I packed a little pot of Vaseline luckily I was ok, but always good to have

  • snacks, being in labour can make you very tired and you need to keep allot of energy for at the end when you need to push, so pack some snacks for yourself and your partner because you don’t know how long you will be there for. (if you are having a planned section some hospitals do advise you don’t eat before the operation)

  • and don’t forget your hospital records!!


  • comfy clothes for you to get changed in to – I packed 2

  • slippers

  • underwear (big pants, you will need them)

  • maternity bras- I packed 2

  • maternity pads / Breast pads

  • toiletries- toothbrush,toothpaste,face wash,wipes to remove any make up,shampoo/conditioner,hairbrush, body wash (I bought the mini travel ones, easier to carry than the big heavy bottles

  • towels- hospitals do provide you with towels but I preferred using my own

  • cardigan/dressing gown and socks- sometimes after giving birth you can feel cold so pack some stuff that you can stay cosy in.

  • I also packed my phone charger and earphones as I stayed the night, and at times when I couldn’t sleep I caught up on my soaps

  • a going home outfit something nice and comfy to wear, as we took pictures when arriving home

  • make up- I used to be a make up artist before having children, I packed some basic make up items to make me look and feel more fresh after having a baby (and I knew we would be taking pictures)

TIP– my favourite way to keep organised in my hospital bags was freezer bags! Yes freezer bags.

I packed stuff individually to make it easier

In one bag I packed my comfy clothes to wear after giving birth,underwear,maternity/breast pads and labelled it 1.. so my husband knew what bag to give me when I went to get freshened up and didn’t have to search in the bags finding different things.


    baby grows – I packed around 5

  • baby vests – I packed 5

  • hats- I packed 3

  • mitts – I packed 2 as most baby grows have the turnover on sleeves

  • bibs/muslins cloths- I packed 3-4 of each as feeding and burping could get messy

  • dummy- some parents want to give a dummy and some don’t I did with all my kids so packed one just in case

  • going home outfit – I packed 1 outfit including vest and a jacket/pram suit

  • baby blanket

  • cotton wool/fragrance free wipes

  • nappies

  • milk- if you are formula feeding most hospitals do provide milk, but just in case I took a few with me

  • I also found these amazing Johnson wash cloths which made it great for cleaning up little baby, as they don’t bath the babies in hospital any more.

Again a great tip is packing outfits into freezer bags. I packed a baby grow with vest bib and hat in one bag and labelled it with size , when having to change the little baby I had everything at hand.

This is a basic overview of the things I packed in my hospital bag for myself and the baby, you may have other items you wish to take or you may find you may not need some of the stuff I listed. I may have even missed a few. I tried to write this up while my memory was still fresh of it, but I swear my baby brain is still there.

But I hope this helps anyone looking for some ideas and help on what to pack, as I remember each time I went to pack my bag I didn’t know where to start.


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