Top 10 New Baby Items

Top 10 New Baby Items -

Top 10 New Baby Items

Author - Amy Dickins

Top tens. 
I was recently asked, as part of someone else’s research, what my top ten items were for having a new baby.

My original answer was…
Good Nappies that don’t leak and feel dry even when wet, wipes that dispense one at a time well, metanium cream, aveeno cream, shuggle baby bath, baby backpack with lots of pockets to keep organised, Muslins (lots of them), milk powder dispenser tubs that fit in the bottles, sleep bags and a bouncer chair (not an expensive one, just a bog standard bouncer).

These were the things that first of all I would say were my staples… Other than milk and bottles themselves.

This has then got me to thinking about how the top ten things changes so much as they grow. We are at the 7 month stage now and I have just been re evaluating what things I find super handy. Don’t worry, I’ll let you in on my thoughts on this too.

1. Lots and lots of hand held teething toys. I find teething gel rubbish (doesn’t really work for long) but a good variety of hand held teething toys are amazing. Fit in your bag, your pocket, your fridge, your toy box. Scatter them everywhere… Baby will do their thing.

2. Still, muslin cloths. Great for keeping face dry from all that teething dribble, cleaning up any slit up, or if you’re like my boy… Cuddling and comfort at nap time.

3. Face the day stick. A recent purchase of mine. Its a bit like vaseline in a large stick, super easy to rub some round baby’s chin to protect from the dribble, or the cold wind, all day. Let’s face it dribble rash if hard to shift sometimes, prevention not the cure and all that.

4. A flashy, spiky ball. For no other reason than to be kept in the nappy changing draw. At this age they want to be off. Not having their bum changed whilst lying on their back. I find activating the flashy ball and handing it to him has saved me a few times in this situation–wrestling with a baby ain’t pretty.

5. Dribble bibs. Lots. Again, to help catch the dribble, keep the day’s clothes dry for longer and generally, they can look cute.

6. A comfortable baby carrier. Super perfect for places that a pram or buggy is not. And added bonus when they have enough pockets for an emergency nappy, wipes and a bottle of milk!

7. For the cold weather now, a nice fluffy All In One that will pop over a normal outfit when needed. Keeps baby cozy, but also provides great photo ops! I recently took a little Chewbacca pumpkin picking.

8. All in one apron bib. Yup small bibs are useful too. But if you don’t want to have to do an outfit change after every meal, still allowing baby to fully explore this food though, then a full apron is the way forward.

9. Food Pouches. Whether you use reusable ones and refill, or buy the pre filled, these things are super handy for the baby bag when out and about. No mess as they can even be squeezed straight onto the spoon if need be. I love them and did do a whole blog about my reusable ones!

10. Dummies, the correct size. Now you might not be a dummy person, and that’s fine. This therefore would not enter your top ten, maybe your bottom ten instead. However my boy likes to use them when he’s feeling super grouchy. He isn’t reliant on them for anything in particular, and often tells you they are not what he wants. I feel he has a healthy relationship with a dummy. But it is important to have the right size for their mouth if they are using them, for their orthotic development. And don’t forget… Take them out their mouths if they’re ‘talking’ to you.

So there you have it. My next top ten. I’m sure in another 6 months my top ten will change once again, and I know every baby is slightly different so their top tens will be different. But sharing is caring. What are your top ten?

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