Why We Started Baba Box

We are a small family business. We started Baba Box at the beginning of 2017. After having 3 beautiful children we grew to understand how important it was to give a unique and meaningful gift to loved ones for those special moments.

We received many individual personalised baby items which we loved. This gave us the idea of making personalised items which were affordable and beautifully presented to give as gifts, which can be kept for years to come.

We have kept all the personalised items which were gifted to our children. One day they can look back at them and reminisce. 

It all started of with our orginal Baba Box back in 2017. Year after year growing our range of products making sure, all items are perfected to our standards, and can be of best value to our customers.

We hope you love the products as much as we love making them.

Nisa (Founder of Baba Box Company)